I Attended University Dance Theatre

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I attended University Dance Theatre over the weekend, and after just recently becoming interested in dance and appreciating dance as an art form I was excited to watch a live dance performance. There were a total of nine dances, each of which, were choreographed by different people. Not surprisingly, every dance was extremely different, and left the audience feeling different emotions.
It was hard picking two dances that I enjoyed the most because they were all fantastic. I picked two that were simple, in the sense that anyone could determine the reason behind the dance. The first is powerful, and the second is humorous. It was interesting breaking down the dances, determining the choreographic and theatrical elements, and concluding the meaning of the dance – if any. My expectations were high going in, and I was not disappointed. Beginning with the powerful dance in the first-half – Still?. Still? was preformed by two African American women. I found this dance interesting because the music was spoken text by Martin Luther King, Jr. in the beginning and towards the end was poetry that was spoken with strong emotion. The stage lighting was turned down, almost completely dark, and the two women had dark clothing, which, indicated sorrow, frustration, and anger almost. The dancers only used a small portion of the stage with no props and a completely bare stage – the focus was directed to the two dancers.
The women had relatively low to medium, sharp movements in some parts…
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