I Became An Effective Leader

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My goal is to improve the relationship with my subordinates to increase the level of cohesiveness and productivity of my team.
When I was accepted into the Cadets Military School of Colombia General Jose Maria Cordova on June 30, 2001, I was barely 18 years old. My dreams were immense, since I was the first person in my region trying to become an officer of the army, which supposed greater pressure over my shoulders. From 2001 to 2004, I went through a series of military trainings, in which I had to learn how to persuade people, how to properly manage human and govertment resources, and most relevantly to learn how to become an effective leader. Therefore, I had to perform exceptionally in all my classes, and I had to become physically
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Therefore, my mission was more challenging, as I was to teach with patience and tolerance, I was to train each of my soldiers in a concise and accurate manner. Several months of training passed and they were prepared for war, and as lieutenant I was responsible for directing, and leading my platoon in the battlefield, and return them safely to each of their families. My real challenges began when I received the order to move to my specific area of operations by the battalion commander Colonel Juan Carlos Piza Gaviria. From that specific moment I was the one who gave the orders, I had to lead 40 soldiers and manage $1MM in weapons, equipment, and inventory to conduct operations in the combat zones, and ensure the well-being of soldiers and local civilian population. Everything seemed to be working the way I wanted, but things were just starting. My problems begun once I became unable to treat every soldier in an identical way. In one hand, there were some soldiers that were favored by special treatment due to their good performance, and also the close friendship with me. Unfortubately, they forgot that I was their superior and that there was a line of respect and authority that could not violated. on the other hand, there were other soldiers who felt strongly relegated because they thought they were not being treated equally. Thease situations worsened the relationship between my subordinates and I,
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