I Believe Act Utilitarianism Is The Strongest Ethical Theory

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Philosophy is one of the most interesting subjects. Many people assume and confuse it with psychology. Philosophy is completely different from psychology. Psychology is how a person feels about a topic, while philosophy is how you ought to feel about the topic. The purpose of philosophy is to understand an argument, not emotional, but logically. Only by truly understanding an argument, one can improve his/her thinking. Within philosophy, there are many ethical theories. Such theories include: the Divine Command Theory, Hedonism, Desire Theory, Ethical Relativism, and much more. In this term paper, I will discuss which theory I believe is the strongest and which theory I believe is the weakest. Regardless, there is no perfect theory. Each theory has their own flaws. I believe act-utilitarianism is the strongest ethical theory presented in class. According to Russ Shafer-Landau, act-utilitarianism is when “acts are right just because they maximize the overall amount of well-being in the world”. On the other hand, actions are wrong if they do not maximize the overall amount of well-being in the world. Because the main concept of utilitarianism is to improve the overall well-being, that concept determines which actions are considered right or wrong. Act-utilitarianism is a part of a family of theories that are similar to consequentialism and utilitarianism (neither act nor rule utilitarianism). This family of theories are all similar in a way that the main idea is to improve
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