I Believe An Act Of Violence

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In many cultures, the age of thirteen is considered to be an age of knowledge and awareness. Such as, knowing right from wrong. At some point in a person 's life they understand what it means to harm, destroy, and kill. They 're many cases where juveniles, guilty beyond all means, receive shortened sentences.For example, a rich sixteen year old in Texas, kills four people while driving under the influence, and receives only ten years probation (huffingtonpost.com) If it had been any anybody over age, they would have gave them the twenty year incarceration. I believe an act of violence, is still an act of violence. A murder is still a murder regardless of what the age may be. These young murderers, rapist, drug dealers, and thieves are getting away with slaps on the wrists. These Juveniles are smart. They have got to a point where they know if something happens, they 're tried as a juvenile and receive the delinquent sentence. Therefore, they are certain there sentences will be reduced. Older gang members sometimes use there younger recruits to commit crimes, knowing they will receive a shorter sentence than if they do it themselves. If you knew you could get away with something, would you do it ? This is the state of mind juveniles are influenced to believe is true. It makes juveniles careless to the fact that they have done something wrong. I believe a longer sentence would discipline teens and do them just. Just ask one of the victim 's families, do
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