I Believe In Having A Belief

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I believe in having a belief. I believe that everyone's belief is unique, that some have different perspectives, while others may agree to disagree on those perspectives. I believe in knowing all my options that I can and deciphering them. I believe with love, compassion, and guidance that in the end, everything will be okay. I believe there are different levels of beliefs. When hitting rock bottom almost two years ago, I did not have a belief that I would make it. I did not know what to believe in for that matter. I was at my breaking point. At that time, I dreamt of having a belief, dreamt of having a good dream. A dream where everyone was happy, money was great, and no one suffered. A dreamer could only dream, therefore a believer can only…show more content…
Asking myself why that is not me? Why am I not happy? Then it hit me, like a ton of bricks one day. I thought to myself. I should be happy. I deserve to be happy. I decided to turn my life around. I would wake up early each day to thoroughly comb my hair, brush teeth, and take the time to put a little bit of makeup on. I would pick out an actual outfit to wear instead of baggy pants or very loose shorts that I have slept in before. Taking time for myself felt great! Just comes to show that once a belief has started and a purpose to that belief, positivity will arise. I believe in a belief, I believe in having a purpose and coming to grips with that purpose, it is very easy to feel lost and misguided. It is also very easy to assume you are alone when you are in the darkness, but you are not. I believe in love, I believe in happiness. I believe above all things my purpose is to be the mother of my beautiful boys. I also believe that going through difficult trials in life leads to triumph and victory within yourself. I believe once in the dark side it is difficult to come to life. But, I believe in myself and I now believe in a
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