I Believe In The Window Analysis

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I believe in windows. I believe that they do an excellent job letting us see through them. Because of windows, we can witness what’s going on outside without having to actually visit the other side of the glass. During a thunderstorm, I can sit in my house and watch the lightning without any fear of being struck. I can see the power of a waterfall without getting wet. I can gaze at the stars at night without being cold. My family spends every summer on the road. We’ve driven to 48 states. Every summer, my brothers and I hear the same lecture. Look out the windows. Appreciate the beauty around us. Through the windows of my family’s minivan I’ve see magnificent mountain peaks and golden fields. The type of scenery people paint and…show more content…
They can be painted and hung in prestigious places. They can be drawn on by the sticky fingers of little kids. Glass can reflect light and shine mesmerizing patterns along the walls and the floor. I can breathe on the glass to make it fog up and write messages. I have been to two glass factories in my life, both fascinating. I watched people who have made the art of glass their life’s calling. I watched as the glass was heated, blown, and stretched. It amazed me how something so seemingly fragile can be so flexible.
I believe that windows are good friends. I grew up in a house with ridiculously large windows. Windows so big that when we went to replace them we were told that they no longer made singular pieces of glass that size. My window faced east. Every morning, my window was the first to greet the sun as the birds flew around chirping their morning songs. Other than our yard, the windows were my favorite part of the house.
When we moved, I found comfort in my new window. It didn’t face east. It wasn’t nearly as large. Still, I’d open the window and lay with my head at the foot of the bed so that I could watch the stars and listen to the sounds of the night. Moving was not my decision. Leaving my beautiful house with my beautiful windows was not something I wanted to do. I felt distraught, and in my moments of sorrow, I turned to the
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