I Believe My Father Was A Great Candidate For My Strong Tie

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I believe my father was a great candidate for my strong tie. He is currently CPA certified and works at Ernst & Young, a firm that needs CPA licensed accountants. For my strong tie I planned out our interview several days in advance. I created a list of questions that I believed would best help me understand more about the CPA exam. I tried to think of questions that would answer all aspects of how the exam has helped him over his career. As a more mature professional I generated more in depth and reflective questions. After generating these questions, I confirmed our location for the in person interview. I hoped that he would describe the way in which the exam has transformed over the years, and how the workplace uses the certification.…show more content…
He audits the companies that he is assigned to and needs to conform to the standards the CPA has set for him. This allows everyone to be on the same page, and companies need their auditors to conform to these standards of major penalties would be assessed. Overall, our interview went just as I thought it would. I learned about the past CPA exam and realized it hasn’t changed much over the years. I got to learn about why it is necessary to take it, and how it affects your work experience. I decided my weak tie would be Adam Griffith, an accounting student who is preparing for the CPA exam. I considered him a weak tie because I don’t know him as well as my strong tie, and he has less knowledge on the topic of the CPA exam. For my weak tie I planned out our interview in a similar way as my weak tie. I created a list of questions that I believed would help me learn about how the CPA is different than it was 20 years ago. I tried to think of questions that would help me gain knowledge on how to prepare for this exam. As an inexperienced accountant I generated more predictive questions for our interview. After creating the questions, I confirmed the time for our phone interview. I hoped to learn more about how a current student prepares to take the CPA exam. The first question I asked Adam was what he knew about the CPA exam. Right from the start he seemed very prepared, describing to me the layout of the exam,
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