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I Believe

I believe that education is the basic foundation of any society, and that the way in which a student is motivated during their education will inevitably determine their degree of success or failure in the future. Only after my graduation from high school and my entrance into college did I realize how significant the role of a teacher really is in relation to the shaping of a society. In their classrooms, they have the privilege of instructing the individuals who will be the doctors, lawyers, and teachers of tomorrow. As a teacher, I hope to instill a love of learning in my students that will, in turn, motivate them to study not only the basic things I have taught them to be important, but also the things they, as
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I hope to stimulate my students’ minds so that they will be competent individuals ready to face whatever they may encounter during their life. In order to do this, I feel that students should be taught basic skills, but should also be strongly encouraged to explore and learn the things that interest them.

I believe that young students come to school already having a broad base of general knowledge that they have learned in their home. However, I also believe that, by nature, they have a clean academic slate and are eager to absorb as much information as can be presented to them in a single day! It seems that they are eager to learn, and become frustrated easily if they do not understand concepts. Unfortunately, as they grow older, some become indifferent about learning, and the teacher’s job is balanced between motivating them to learn and actually teaching them the things they need to learn. Since I plan on teaching at the secondary level, I hope to not enter the classroom being naïve about the nature of students at this particular level. I am aware that many students at the secondary level do not give nearly enough attention to their schoolwork. For that reason, I am considering, even now, ways in which I can stimulate my students to want to learn. I plan to use two educational philosophies to accomplish my goals.

Perennialism urges that

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