I Believe

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Lorraine Grecu
Jamalieh Haley
Writing 115 April 22, 2013

I Believe I Am A Child of God

At the young age of eighteen, my life was changed in a drastic way. Through out my childhood and teenage years, my mother and father tried to force God down my throat and not till this life changing moment did I realize why. I could have been living a worldly life striving for popularity, having expensive things, and living in sin, but I chose to be a follower of Christ because he gave his life for me. The first day of high school, boy was I worried. Would I make friends? Will anyone like me? I need to make sure I have only the coolest clothes and latest handbag, if not people wont like me. I forced my mom
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The preacher began his sermon and everything he said related to my life. I could feel an intense pounding in my heart telling me that God loves me and wants me to be one of his followers. I went home that day and wanted to figure out what more I could do to get closer to God. I read up on the bible and my next step was to get baptized in water so that I can be born again.
September 19, 2010, I put on my white, long, satin dress with jewels and rushed to rooster rock state park where I would be baptized. This was the happiest day of my life. This day meant that I would finally live and serve God, because he sent his son Jesus on earth to die for our sins so that we wouldn’t have to. In exchange for his sacrifice I chose from this day on to proclaim his name and spread his word so that others could experience the joy, love and happiness I feel on a daily basis. It came the time to get in the water and be dunked, I was nervous, but when my head came out from under the water I felt completely new and washed of my sins. Ever since freshman year in high school I lived a life of unhappiness. I never was completely satisfied with my life and I didn’t understand why. I got everything I wanted had all the friends I needed but still wasn’t happy. It took me eighteen years to figure out that I didn’t need things and people to make me happy I needed God in my life. I needed him
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