I Believe The Power Of Education

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I believe in the Power of Education People lived in this reality society, one’s outlook is one of the most important factors when confronting to others. Although this factor wasn’t necessary, yet it could directly influence the first impressions and the images of people. This is the reason why we seen those people dressed up officially as they interviewing a job. However, many of us impressive good attitudes to good appearance person. In contrast, people dislike and avoid those people who wearing tattered clothes like homeless or behaved like beggars. I measured with everyone in front of me with this type of ruler indeed. Until one day one guy totally woke me up, and he gave me a completely different perspective on life. I worked at Chinese restaurant as a cashier for 2 years, probably more than that. That was the first part time job in my high school life. The restaurant is located at the south side of Chicago, a poor black community with gangs all around. I told my friend once that I worked there, and she immediately warned me, “My dear, be secure, careful be safe.” The luckiest thing is the restaurant never seen to have trouble with the customers from the surroundings. Likewise, other stores also did not have trouble. I barely heard about shooting or robbing from this ‘criminal paradise’. I worked on the weekends. I saw a lot of customers every single day, and I couldn’t recognize all of them even if they ordered from the restaurant often, but one guy I would not give

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