I Believe You Can Fly : Basketball Culture Essay

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Journals: #12 Chapter 1 “I believe You Can Fly” : Basketball Culture in Postsocialist China
Today’s Chinese basketball culture reflects the language of globalization. Basketball is a huge cultural sport and importance of understanding in Chinese modernity. Basketball was introduced by YMCA instructor in Tianjin. In addition, basketball has become a new form of engagement with modernity. In China basketball kind of play a huge role in market. Many people are centralized to the NBA or CBA, it is a new game to the working of the capitalist market system. The culture of popular China emerges as a new inspiration to basketball, many young fans and teenager have dream of “flying” like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. Also, the NBA Nike made an impact to Chinese market, they help establish their team with a brand that is well recognized internationally.
Still, throughout the whole chapter the narrator try to shows how economic and social changes are affected by globalization with a combination and full control by China dictatorship. Soccer still another sport that Chinese heavily prioritised as a top sport to watch and play, even though in China soccer have not come up with strong result and some lack of skill, still Chinese fans are cheerful to it. In conclusion, the sport has been played in China for more than one hundred years from now, in each decade have been look into a new perspective. One can hardly imagine what would be like if the socialist period still exist in the
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