I Believe in Sneakers

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I Believe in Sneakers

It all started with a Jumpman and a swoosh, it was more than just a shoe it was the start of a culture. What most people look at as just a shoe to protect their feet has a story behind it and a deeper meaning to me and many others than “just a pair of shoes”. Don’t put on a pair of shoes unless you know how to wear them right. For every pair I own I could explain the troubles I went through and the people I met to get each sneaker. The best feeling was opening that fresh shoe box and taking out that paper wrapping. Putting on each new pair of sneakers is like taking a breath of fresh air each pair crisp as bacon. I am one among many sneakerheads, people who love to buy, sell, trade, and collect rare shoes. There is a culture, lifestyle, and history behind sneaker collecting. Most people would think dropping hundreds if not thousands on a pair of shoes is crazy but I believe sneakers are essential.

It all started my freshman year in high school when I noticed my friends Jordan’s that he had waited hours outside of a shoe store for. At the time they were some of the coolest shoes I had ever seen, I wanted a pair like that. I took a deeper look into retro Jordan’s and found out that most were really hard to get. You couldn’t just go to your nearest shoe store and just pick up the pair you wanted. You would have to drops hundreds of dollars on a pair that others camped out for or woke up hours early to get on the nike.com release of the shoe.

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