I Believe that Piracy Should Be Legal

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1. I strongly believe that piracy should be legal. To begin with, the overseeing of private distribution is regulated without set standards and guidelines, almost arbitrarily, and only exists because there exists the assumption that piracy negatively impacts the people that put in work to produce the goods or services in question. From the business standpoint, the driving stance behind those that are against piracy is that piracy is equated to stealing. This is an unreasonable fallacy when it comes to online piracy. It is understandable in the real world, using a car as an example, if you steal a car; the original is no longer there. However, if you were to pirate a movie or a textbook, it is still available for purchase from the creator. Parallels cannot be drawn between online piracy and the real world. Additionally, many multiplayer computer games on the internet are free to play, and the video game industry is thriving. The flagship example would be in the case of Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is the most pirated object that exists on the internet, and the creators of the show are proud to announce that more than half of its audience watches the show illegally. Given this information, HBO (the network that owns Games of Thrones) still made more revenue during the last quarter of the 2013 year than its biggest competitor (Netflix) and that’s with Netflix having a larger customer pool and no problems with piracy. Chances are, if one is going to pirate something, they
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