I Broke Up With My Boyfriend

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Ms. Nguyen
English 1301
September 17, 2016
I BROKE UP WITH MY EX-GIRLFRIEND CHIOMA. Why I broke up with my ex- girlfriend Chioma, who was in the same school, Owerri high school with my immediate younger sister Precious. I broke up with Chioma my ex-girlfriend because I have been cheated so many times and I have been giving her time to see if she will stop cheating on me but she never stopped. The problem of cheating is that most ladies, especially my ex- girlfriend my uncle’s wife aren 't too gallant at it. I got to know how she was cheating on me with my best friend Charles, who was in the same University of Lagos with me but she never realized that I was also cheating on her with one of the girls staying with my grandparents in the city called Maryland in Lagos but I was very smart and never that her the opportunity to suspect that something was going on behind her back.
I caught her through social media; where she wrote something on my friends face book page, because she thought I wasn’t on Facebook then that there is no way I will got to know what she is doing on Facebook. But she forgot that when we started dating newly, she was not hiding anything from me, the second night she came to my house, she gave me her Facebook password and I still have it. It’s very pitiful and funny way to catch a woman cheating on you. The time I caught her, we have been together for more than one year. The first time we went out it lasted about four months, and…
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