I Call It The Pursuit Of Happiness, By The Mega Marketing Of Depression

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Understanding Who We Truly Are Many people will agree with the idea that happiness is the key to a successful life. Everybody has their own perception of happiness, whether it is a loving family, a healthy lifestyle, or maybe even money. As people progress through the journey of life, or as I call it the pursuit of happiness, they undergo an ample of events or experiences that help them understand the difference between who they think we are, and who they really are. By going through these favorable or unfavorable experiences, they become emotionally stronger. However, this situation is not always the case. Most of the times, people find themselves unintentionally altering reality and avoiding the truth to make almost every situation beneficial. To properly understand happiness, we have to first tackle the idea of understanding ourselves. The way we view ourselves shapes our experiences of events to a great extent because we finally understand why we go through what we do. After thoroughly reading both “Immune to Reality”, and “The Mega-Marketing of Depression in Japan”, I am confidently able to say that reality in our lives is strongly based on our subjective perceptions of things. To effectively comprehend the stories of ourselves we can begin by looking at what factors shape how we understand and communicate our emotional experiences. We all know that culture is ones upbringing and roots that are embedded into their minds at a young age. In addition to that, we found

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