I Can Not Control The World

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I am the type of person who likes to be in control. I was self-centered and felt the world should revolve around me and my family which consists of my husband, Vince, and our boys, Cody and Kyle. In 2008, I learned that I cannot control the world around me; there is a higher being for that, and to cherish every moment I have with the people I love the most.
This story starts in 2000 when my husband received a job machining race motors in Mooresville, North Carolina. This is 20 miles north of Charlotte and is considered part of NASCAR country. My family and I packed up our belongings and moved on to a new adventure, leaving the rest of our family behind. We finally arrived in November of 2000 and I was just amazed at the fall colors. The trees had turned a beautiful array of red, yellow, and orange. My first thoughts as we were getting closer to our temporary home was, wow this is what fall looks like!
After a year, we found a little house on the other side of town and settled in. Making friends in our neighborhood was easy because no one actually grew up in Mooresville. My friends and I would go to plays, go shopping in Charlotte, or just hanging out at each other’s house. Our little family would explore North Carolina and take short trips to the Appalachian Mountains, to see the breathtaking fall colors. When we looked out over the mountains, the bright colors made it feel like we were driving on a colorful blanket. Vince and I also took the boys to…

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