I Can Not Start The Construction Of My Theology Of Apologetics

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BTH 526 Apologetics Assignment #2
I cannot start the construction of my theology of Apologetics without going back to the Apostle Peter’s call for all Christians in 1 Peter 3:15 to be ready all the time to give a defense for your faith in God. So God is informing us that we need to be developing strategies for our defense. I know this sounds weird, but as a football coach you always have a game plan when you step on the field. I think this is what God is telling us through Peter. As a coach on the defensive side of the ball I always look at what I can shut down or take away from my opponent’s offense. I will attempted to construct a defense by looking at the opponent’s (unbeliever’s) major offensive weapon and developing strategies I can …show more content…

What I mean by this is we cannot know what is innately bad unless we know what is innately good. Good cannot exist unless there is evil, because we would not know what bad or evil is unless we know what is good. Timothy Keller alludes to the development of human rights as an indicator of a God, because these rights are not developed within the theory of evolutionary human development.1 Human or moral rights go against the laws of nature and the central theme of evolution, which is survival of the fittest (Timothy Keller, page 153).1
With the use of Apologetics strategies I must have a willingness to allow God to work through me to open the unbeliever’s eyes and ears so that they can discover God and seek out His loving goodness for mankind. McGrath concludes that Apologetics main aim is to lead people to God, and I agree with him on this key idea in Apologetics (McGrath, page 41). To effectively lead people to Jesus one must be able to fully understand their relationship with the Lord. This would include the understanding of key doctrinal components of the Christian faith to the point that they can be explained in simple terms. These components would include the existence of God and the Trinity, the extension of grace to mankind through Jesus, and the cross of Christ is the only place one can find forgiveness for sins. McGrath’s lays out his key components as the cross and resurrection of Christ, the cross’ healing abilities in a

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