I Can See How College Writing

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I can see how College Writing 101 could have been easy for some, people coming straight out of high school that is, with all the skills still fresh in their minds, but I can say with absolute certainty that this was a challenge for me to complete. Although, I began Writing 101 with very few writing skills and even fewer grammar skills, I can honestly say looking back that I retained a great deal of knowledge in a surprisingly short amount of time. Never the less, I found out one of the hardest challenges in my fledgling writing career is actually deciding what to write about for each assignment. subsequently I had to figure out the whole “College Correct” way of writing and fragment everything together. Yet, once I finally did, then all it demanded was figuring out how to create a thesis statement that will provide me with something of substance to build off of for the rest of the essay. First of all, being that this was my first online class, during the beginning week I spent a majority of my time getting familiarized with the online classroom and all its features. Additionally, I made sure to download the entire textbook to my iPhone so I could read it on the go and during breaks at work. The last part of week one, a majority of my time was spent with my autobiographical essay, in which, I needed to wrap my head around how to record and reveal an interaction within my life that was worth writing and reading about, in the end I decided on the topic involving my
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