I Can T Afford It !

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HOMELESS “I CAN’T AFFORD IT, I CAN’T AFFORD IT!” screamed the pregnant woman while stampeding through the morning grass still damp from the dazzling dew of dawn. Her spasms were akin to that of a retching gimp hobbling through the barren wasteland of dry despair. Her flailing arms were the image and likeness of the twisting, tensing tentacles of a dying octopus. Her chunky thighs flopped awkwardly while barreling through the field like a de-railed train blind to its surroundings. The oblivious projectile of a woman’s speed exponentially as it hurdled through space, the fetus inside her was always one step ahead and would remain that way for the rest of its life. The tawdry excuse of a human being, like a moth drawn to a flame, hurled into the lone man obstructing her demented path of destruction; she was destined for impact. As they came together they were bathed in the glorious morning light and as their eyes met they collided at the speed of sound. The crippled mass smashed into the earth, broken by the impact. As he lay writhing on the ground staring up at the burning sun, he only caught a glimpse of the speed demon cloaked in a raggedy hospital gown sprinting on towards her journey of no end. As she escaped into the distance all he heard was, “I CAN’T AFFORD IT, I CAN’T AFFORD IT!” Chapter 2 Emerging from the depths of his soul, a guttural shriek escaped his parched desperate lips. Compelled by the by the distressed cries of their fallen leader, two filth
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