I Can 't Lie, It Has Been A Hard Month

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I can 't lie, it has been a hard month. I haven’t posted anything since mid August because one thing after another has hit me in the gut. I 've had doubts about my skills and my future. I 've stared at more blank pages than I care to admit. I 've also had a two good friends pass away in the last three weeks. One friend was one of those guys that I could talk after being apart for a while and it never seemed like any time had passed. The other was a beautiful and spirited woman who I went to high school with and loved dearly. She helped me when I needed money to travel to Arizona last year. I will miss them both. I 've never had two deaths of people I cared about so close together before. It is just...weird. I 'm handling it somehow. Sometimes the sadness hits me hard when I least expect it and it is all I can do to keep myself from falling down into a ball. Grief, man, can you dig it? We all go through it but knowing that doesn 't make it any easier. Unfortunately, time waits for no one and I 've been thinking about what I 'm going to do for the future. I came down to Arizona in June of 2014 to help my mom while she recovered from cancer. I 'm glad to announce she 'll be cancer free for a year come November. Despite this joyous news, the deaths of my two friends do put me in a bit of somber mood. Couple that with the fact I’m turning 40 this year and I 've had a bit of an odd time of late. These deaths, like the deaths of any loved one, make me reflect on my life. I don

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