I Can 't Pay Your Bills Essay

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“I can’t pay my bills”. As I was screening a patient for the physician, she explained how debilitating her health problems had been. I grabbed the blood pressure monitor only to find her vitals ran well above normal at 175/122 and her blood sugar was greatly elevated as well. When I asked her about those stats, she just repeated, "I need the doctor to make me better. I have to work." After assessing the patient and sending her to the physician, the gravity of the situation struck me with sobriety. That moment put the profession of medicine into perspective for me. For that patient, medicine, and its practitioners were providing much more than treatment: they were helping her secure her livelihood and provide for her family. I had always envisioned medicine as the practice of saving lives, curing ailments, and generally improving an individual 's health. While medicine was all of those things, in that moment at the clinic it became something much bigger. Medicine was the avenue through which a physician could not only improve an individual 's health but also help transform their life outcomes. In many ways, I aspire to become the type of physician whose impact reaches beyond treating illnesses. Throughout my undergraduate career at the University of Oklahoma, I have combined my scientific interests with my passion to improve medical outcomes for individuals such as the lady in the free clinic. During my years here at OU, I joined a research group aiming to develop a targeted
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