I Can 't Sing It Without Thinking About Syd

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“I can’t sing it without thinking about Syd.” For the members of the 1960s and 1970s rock and roll band, Pink Floyd, the title track to their album Wish You Were Here uncovers emotional thoughts and feelings regarding their band mate, Syd Barrett, in a highly broad sense. At the height of the Vietnam war, tensions were high in America due to the anti-war movement. For those involved with this movement, a series of different emotions may be evoked from this song. Pink Floyd struggled as an ensemble with ideas for a new album that would follow up the high success of the album The Dark Side of The Moon. Roger Waters once stated that the band put themselves under a “ridiculous pressure, in a way, trying to make a record from nothing.” The…show more content…
He was gone and in a far place, mentally and physically, but he was still there in the back of their minds when writing this song. The lyrics are composed of contradictory statements that are preceded by the question “so you think you can tell?” or “did they get you to trade?”. The song closes with statements that seem like they are having a conversation with their now estranged friend such as “how I wish, how I wish you were here.” Shortly after, singing comes to a halt with the statement “wish you were here”. Roger Waters poses a question that yields an explanation to the song in the documentary Pink Floyd: The Story of Wish You Were Here. “Can you free yourself enough to be able to experience the reality of life as it goes on before you and with you, and as you go on as part of it? Or not? Because if you can’t, you stand on square one until you die.” For a song with such simple lyrical lines, the song deals with a larger and more abstract topic about the mental inability and refusal to engage with reality. The message that is sung in Wish You Were Here is comparable to other songs of the 1960s. Rock and roll in the 1960s started to go through a change. Music began to steer away from songs about love, sex, and drugs that would uphold the image associated with rock and roll to songs that upheld a greater meaning. Musicians began to write songs that became associated with politics whether

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