I Can 't Sleep, And Toss All Night

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March 5th 1850. I can’t sleep, and toss and turn all night. All the sudden I wake up with a forceful grab. I thought it was either my mom or dad, but it wasn’t either of them. It was a man I have never seen before. Now he has taken my arm and dragged me to the floor. I fell, and he started yelling at me. I don’t know what’s happing but I look around and see my mom being forced down by another man. I don’t know what happening my heart is beating so fast, and my palms are sweating. My mom broke through the man and ran up to me. Her face was red, tears streaming down her face, and her body was shaking. She hugged me tight and whispered, “mommy loves you so much, and you need to be brave for me I know you can do it.” The man was behind her holding up a whip. The man told my mom to get up but she wasn’t listing. I screamed “Mom please please get up.” She got up slowly and faced the man. The man held up the whip and hit her right across the face. I started crying there tears streaming down my face. I tried to run up to her but the man held me back. All the sudden I have woken up in a little tight room. I start screaming for help, but no one can hear me. I relies I can’t move. My hands are all chained up. There’s a wooden bar around my neck. I start crying more and more. I start screaming for my mom. I then get louder and louder. Until I relies no one can hear me. No one is going to save me, not this time. My body still shaking I can’t focus. I can’t
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