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In modern society we debate many aspects of government policy. Most of the time these policies are to protect us or to serve our needs. One policy that I have long considered confusing is the application of the Death Penalty by many states. When we discussed this policy while I was in a Bible class in high school, I could not decide if I was for or against the Death Penalty. For instance are we supposed to forgive our neighbors of their sins, or is it "an eye for an eye"? After some research and some careful consideration I have come to an opinion concerning the death penalty. I cannot support it. I cannot support it for several reasons. These reasons include, the cost of a death sentence, the chance of a wrongful execution because of …show more content…
Until I can be sure that everyone sentenced to death in Illinois is truly guilty, until I can be sure with moral certainty that no innocent man or woman is facing a lethal injection, no one will meet that fate." The governor was quoted saying this after the 13th Illinois death row inmate had been released from prison due to wrongful conviction. How cans one guarantee that there can be no mistakes in life? One cannot because it is impossible not to make a mistake in life. So how can one be absolutely sure that they are sentencing the right person death? Since the Death Penalty was reinstated in 1976, 82 inmates have been freed from Death Row. That's one Death Row inmate found to be wrongfully convicted for every seven executed. Why were these men and women wrongfully executed? Inadequate legal representation is one reason. The American Bar association published good defense for a death penalty case. The requirements were to have an attorneys who have prior experience working a capital case, two attorneys, one investigator, one mitigation specialist, and lastly, fully funded to pay for travel, private eyes, evidence testing and other things needed to investigate the case. But no state meets all of these requirements because they do not have a funding to do so.
Another reason would be new evidence in the case. Many cases have new evidence that is just brought to light by new technology. DNA

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