I Choose Certified For The Diabetes Educator Certification

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There are over one hundred specialties in nursing, each requiring different specifications of educational level, degree attained, and clinical contact hours. Numerous studies have shown that advanced education and certification improve collaboration and communication, patient satisfaction, and fewer adverse events in patient care, as well as improved outcomes in patient compliance. The state of Montana accepts 26 advanced practices registered nursing specialties. But each hospital encourages nurses to specialize and become certified to improve patient care. Certified Diabetes educator is a certification that requires only contact hours and an examination, no college courses required, although there are college course that prepare nurses…show more content…
I have a passion for education, I first started college to be teacher, but I was also interested in health careers, so I changed my major and pursued a community health promotion degree in order to become a licensed health educator, life happened and I didn’t finish, but I am now and LPN and pursuing my RN. This background, lays a foundation that to me leads to different types of health education, and to me diabetes education feels natural, in addition it is subject I know I would be passionate about, as it brings many of my past experiences together. According to National Certification Board of Diabetes Educators website the Diabetes educator certification began in 1986; the national certification board of diabetes educators was created to establish to develop criteria and an exam that would ensure excellence in diabetes education. Diabetes certification is not entry level you must acquire the skills of becoming a diabetes educator through practiced based experience, before applying to sit for the exam. Because of the increasing need for diabetes educators across the country, the criteria as of 2014 has changed 1000 contact volunteer experience and practice hours of diabetes self-management education hours are needed, in the past only hours through a diabetes mentorship program were excepted. Also over 15 other health
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