I Choose Dentistry as My Career

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Statement Of Purpose

It all began when I was in high school and I still remember the day, which changed my life and gave me an opportunity to think about a career I would choose. During the days off from school, it was my routine to help my dad at his work and that day wasn’t any different except that incident which played an important role in my decision to choose dentistry as my career.

As I was on my way to work I saw a wood carver working on a block of wood. As I approached him I was astonished to see that he was carving the block into a wooden crane. It was amazing to see his hand skills and the way he was using his tools. I was so impressed with his work that I could not abstain myself from requesting him that if I could shadow him and he agreed. During the few weeks that I worked with him, I firmly made my mind to choose a career that required a lot of hand skills and here it was my family background that proved vital in choosing dentistry. Having a medical background, as my uncle is a Nephrologist and my sister is a Dentist, my magnetism towards the health profession was obvious and because of my yearn to do something which included the blend of hands and great deal of knowledge, my interest diverted towards Dentistry.

As for my background, I did my high school from D.A.V College, Jalandhar, India and I graduated with Bachelors of Dental Surgery from G.N.D Dental College & Research Institute, Sunam, India. During four years of study, I developed a strong
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