I Chose For Fight For My Dream

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Sometimes our conditions in life might not be like what we had thought they will be and that is a time when we face a big decision in life to either cope up with the new condition and fight to fulfill our dreams or to just quit and maybe change our dreams instead of our conditions .As for me, I chose to fight for my dream. One of the best accomplishments of my life was earning my bachelor degree, despite the fact that I was living in Syria where war, bombs, and shells are a normal routine. Since I was a kid I was interested in Literature and being accepted in the English Language and Literature department at Damascus University was like a dream come true. Unfortunately, I had not expected that I was going to spend these 4 years in so much danger and face many challenges. It did not take but a year’s time in my studies to start realizing that studying with on and off electricity, postponing the exams because of the shells ,and not being many times able to just go out to university or work was going to make completing those four years really hard. Although of my fear, I was determined to finish my bachelor and get the degree while at the same time I was also working as an executive secretary for a medical equipment company. Eventually with a lot of dedication and hard work I passed all of my courses in just 4 years (as I was supposed to) and earned the grade of Very Good. Now when I look back, I believe that this experience has made me a stronger person and it definitely
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