I Chose Learning Theory For My Career Development

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I chose learning theory for my career development paper. Learning theory is basically to help individual identify their own beliefs about human behavior and the process of career choice and development. This theory will show how individuals make career decisions that emphasize the importance of their behavior and how they act and think when they make career decisions. I truly believe that every individual have the potential of learning different things but if they do not know what to do they will never know. I chose this learning theory because it is important for individuals to pick a career choice that they will love to purser and actually get the right educational training so they can work towards their professional choice (Brown, D. (2012).
Genetic endowment and special abilities individual personalities come from learning experiences of individual’s genetics. Individuals learn by observing things and acknowledging the roles of behavior, thoughts and images. This means individual learned things by physical appearance. Some people have special abilities in writing, music and art because they were born with those abilities. Then you have some individuals who have to learn how to draw, read music and write. The more their innate genetic abilities are, likely they will respond to learning and teaching (Lifestyle and career Development).
Environmental Conditions and events focus on the social factors that control the outside of individuals. This can be job opportunities,
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