I Chose The Constellation Of Pisces

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I chose the constellation of Pisces. This is because it is my Zodiac sign and I wanted to learn more about it. The Pisces constellation is found in the Northern Hemisphere and was introduced in the 2nd Century by Ptolemy, a Greek astronomer. It is usually portrayed as two fish, connected at the tails by string, swimming in opposite directions.
The myth surrounding the Pisces constellation can be found in Greek mythology. According to the myth, the constellation can be associated to the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros. One version of the story said that they themselves transformed while fleeing from Typhon. Another story would say that two fish, which was placed in the sky, were the ones that carried Aphrodite and Eros away from harms way.
If I were to create a myth about the constellation, I would do it with different circumstances. Ares has always been an embodiment of everything male. Physically, he was perfect--with a statuesque physique, a blinding smile that would make your heart melt, sea-blue eyes that seemed to have the ability to pierce into your soul and dig up your very essence. He also had a double charm to him, one side would reveal him to be a golden boy, very heroic and kind, yet he always had a hidden twinkle in his eye, hinting that beneath all that charisma, he was also bad-ass. All the girls flocked to him. All except one. Aphrodite.
Aphrodite overflowed with love and beauty. How could she not? She was the goddess of Love and Beauty after all. She
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