I Chose The Exhibition, Give Me Your Children : Voices From The Lodz Ghetto

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I chose the exhibition, “Give Me Your Children: Voices from The Lodz Ghetto”. The focus of the exhibition that I researched was what the children went through in the Jewish Community of Lodz, Poland. The adults in that community tried to make the children’s lives as normal and unsuffering as they could. Even though the adults tried their hardest so that the children didn’t suffer, they still did suffer and they had to live very harsh realities. This exhibition shows recorded evidences of their experiences. It was full of Jewish children’s quotes from their diaries or their journals. Before I had a general knowing of what happened during the holocaust and what the Jewish people may have been feeling, but after going through this exhibition it made me think more about all of their harsh realities, and that it wasn’t just adults that suffered but it was a number of children that suffered too. One Jewish child talked in her journal about how having to wear the yellow jewish star made people come up to her and make her do whatever they wanted. She called it a stamp that distinguished her from the rest of the population. Another said it was a sign that made them targets for humiliation and violence. On May 1, 1940 The Lodz Ghetto was sealed and enclosed 164,000 Jews (the ones that never fled). They then had to wait for their fate under the control of the German Rulers. They were put to work, and all of their belongings were then taken by the Germans. Many people died from

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