I Chose To Do My Analysis On The Character Pat Solitano,

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I chose to do my analysis on the character Pat Solitano, from the movie Silver Lining Playbook. This movie is a romantic comedy that takes place in Philadelphia. This movie is about a middle-aged man who has lost everything, his job, his wife, and his house. He has spent the last eight months in a mental institution, and has recently been released to his parents. Upon entry to the mental institution Pat almost beat his wife’s lover to death. So, throughout the entire movie pat is trying to win the affection of his wife back, by trying to better himself, and show her that he has his anger under control. This is difficult because Pat’s wife has placed a restraining order on him, so he can have no actual contact with her. So, she has no…show more content…
Pat was diagnosed with Bipolar one disorder shortly after arriving at the mental institution. I agree with this diagnosis for many reasons. I believe that it would have to be Bipolar one because Pat displays manic episodes. With Bipolar two disorder, there has never been a manic episode. Bipolar two disorder also must display at least one major depressive episode. From the information from the movie, Pat didn’t really display a depressive episode. Pat demonstrates several symptoms of Bipolar one disorder, many falling into the mania category. His manic episodes cause a great deal of distress in his life. Before the incident with his wife’s lover even occurred, Pat was having severe delusions. He told the school board that his wife and the history teacher were plotting against him. The delusions did not stop once he was out of the mental institution. When pat caught, his wife cheating on him their wedding song was playing. Now every time Pat hears the song he goes into some kind of psychotic episode and puts everyone around him in danger of becoming his next victim. As I mentioned earlier Pat does not take his medication as it is prescribed. He said it makes him too foggy. This could be due to the fact that he enjoys how his mania makes him feel. Throughout the movie, Pat refers to his ex-wife as his wife. He is obsessed with this delusion and honestly believes that he will win her back over. Even though she has made it perfectly clear

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