I Come Hurtling Towards The Club. I Realized At The Last

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I come hurtling towards the club. I realized at the last second that I left my keys at the bar where me and Henry were talking. Kailey 's stupid vomiting made me put my keys and my purse down so that I could assist her. I must 've picked up my purse and assumed the keys were inside. God! Of all places and people to live those keys with! What was I supposed to expect? Of course they wouldn 't be there. I start asking the bartender for the keys as a last resort, even if he could 've taken them for all I knew. He thinks for a moment and then he looks at me with an idea. "I think I saw a big guy with a red shirt and black jeans take them into that room." The bartender points to the very back of the room on the right side of the stage, where a…show more content…
Feels like I 'm in some gangster mob movie or something. I search for my guy and spot him immediately. He 's big alright. I expected him to be a fat big guy. But this guy looks like he 's 80% muscle or something. His red shirt is barely keeping it together being so tight on him. Yeah, big on steroids maybe. He 's at one of the pool tables surrounded by his lackeys I 'm guessing. They 're all smaller than him and they all seem to be joking around. Great. This is going to go well. All that matters is that I can see my keys hooked onto his belt. "Excuse me." I say as steadily as I can. No room for fear here. Big red turns around and eyes me, as if he were undressing me. He 's not drunk though, unlike his friends. "What?" He 's got a big nose. an ugly big nose. Ugh. "Those are my keys. I don 't want trouble, but I need to get home." He starts laughing hysterically and so do his lackeys. "Sorry, sweetheart," he grins, "come at me with a cop or don 't leave your shit around so casually." He turns around to resume his game, but I persist. "Listen, asshole, I just need to get home! My car isn 't worth shit and we both have lives to get back to, so just give it to me." I 've gotten in his face now, in between him and the pool table. He eyes my body again and then puts his arm around me! Ugh! "Well, maybe if you can offer something a little more.." And then he dips to sniff my hair. Gross! But I realize I can grab my keys if I play along long enough. When I

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