I Conducted An Interview With Robin Layton And I Was Given

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I conducted an interview with Robin Layton and I was given consent to use her personal information to write this paper. It took place in the library lasting for approximately 12 minutes on February 28, 2017. The interview’s purpose was to focus on the client’s story, strengths, needs and the goals. The purpose of this paper is to critique myself as a social worker. It is also important that I learn to analyze my performance and to see which areas I need improvement in when interacting with clients in the field. This will ensure advancement so that I can better myself and the situation my clients and I will have while working in the field. 2) Interview Stages A. The beginning part of the interview was effective, however…show more content…
By doing these steps to make sure she was relaxed, EE gave a positive vibe with the tone of her voice and her body language and this expressed she was content with meeting with a female counselor. B. I would say I accomplished the interview purpose well. It wasn’t very effective, but it was effective enough to direct the interview towards finding the needs and goals of the client. By using techniques such as, listening, information sharing, questioning, and paraphrasing, I gathered the information needed to evaluate her needs and goals. After defining what the student outreach program was, I asked her an opened ended question to find out what her needs were [2.21]. Her problem was her need to manage her time more effectively and to better plan her time without procrastination. While discussing her problems, I discovered that we need to find ways to reduce her stress so that she can feel better about herself. When EE expressed these feelings of stress to me I reassured her I was listening and letting her know that I was there for her with nonverbal cues; eye contact, an empathetic facial expression, and understanding. During that time, I made sure to communicate empathy by mirroring and using empathic echo [2.24- 3.59]. An example of this is when she told me the reason why she came to get help. My response was expressed through an empathic reflection with her to make sure that she knew
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