I Consider Myself A Feminist Essay

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1. I consider myself a feminist because I believe in empowering all women. According to the lecture on the importance of language, a feminist is a person, regardless of gender, who believes in the equality and importance of all women in society. I am a feminist because I continue to educate myself to become more self-aware of the danger of sexism and inequality that threatens women’s rights. 2. Sexism is wrong because it discriminates against people because of their gender. Women are the main group who suffers against sexism. It is safe to say that all women have confronted sexism. According to the article “Individual and Situational Factors Related to Young Women’s Likelihood of Confronting Sexism in Their Everyday Lives”, sexism is harmful to women because they experience a higher rate in stress, anxiety, and depression. In addition, exposure to gender discrimination leads to a lower rate of achievement among various areas. Overall sexism prevents women from achieving to their fullest potential. Despite how damaging sexism is to society, it remains to exist. According to the article, “Why It’s So Hard for Men to See Misogyny”, the reason why most men are unable to clearly see sexism is because they are not paying attention, are purposely ignoring it, or are simply careful in hiding their sexist thoughts and actions. I believe sexism has not been abolished because many people, particularly men, are not able to recognize the signs. People tolerate or ignore sexist language
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