I Define The Nature Of Judgmental Essay

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As an observer from the east, Chen Cheng had many preconceived values granted by his biography. Inevitably, these values are recognizable in his portraits of the Timurid world. In five major aspects did Chen Cheng appear to be "judgmental." I define the nature of "judgmental" as shown by negative, or occasionally, positive, semantic fields characterized by the usages of adjectives and descriptive sentences. Every case of being judgmental hints at Chen Cheng 's unique background that tells the readers both about the Confucian tradition of China and about the daily scene of the Timurid society.

Chen Cheng was harsh in criticizing the necessary protocols performed by the ordinary inhabitants. He wrote:

Every occasion when people meet, [they] do not display any protocol, only bowing slightly and almost invisibly to each other.... If two haven 't met for a while, or when people get to know each other for the first time, they perform so-called "advanced protocol," kneeling down one of the legs.... When there is feast or gathering, ruler and his subjects, males and females, the elderly and the young all sit in a circular podium without a sense of shame.

Chen Cheng obviously evaluated the Timurid social scene as barbarian and rustic. Even though people greet each other by some sort of protocol, Chen Cheng naturally disdained it as if there was nothing carried out. Under the Chinese imperial examination system, the "textbook materials" were the Four Books and Five Classics --
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