I Delve Into The Gospel Essentials

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In 2014, approximately 173 million Americans identified themselves as Christian out of the 243 million Americans in the country (America’s 2015). This is an impressive number of people who believe that they are Christian, but what is a Christian? How does one become a Christian, and what are the core beliefs within the world view? These are the questions I aim to answer in this essay, as I delve into the gospel essentials. God According to the Christian worldview, there is one true God who is our all-powerful creator. The one true God, however, has three parts in one, call the Trinity. Although the word Trinity is not in the bible, theologians developed the understanding of the Trinity to explain why Christians worship, both Christ and…show more content…
There are many examples all around us that God is god of order, and the creation story points to this fact as well. He created the universe in stages, and each one had a significant purpose (DiVincenzo 2014). He made special reference to humankind, which gives us the first idea as to the love he has for us. In Genesis 1:26, God says “let us” (referring to the trinity) make man in our image, this was not just a physical implication but also a characteristic one. God’s most profound characteristic, which he bestowed on us, is love. God is also forgiving, jealous, faithful, eternal, and supreme ruler, just to name a few (DiVincenzo 2014). Our God is the all-powerful, three-in-one, creator of our universe who is ever forgiving and shows us unconditional love. Humanity Every world view has an authority to which they base their assumptions and ideas upon, for example an atheist holds onto human discoveries and their interpretations. Christians however, look to the bible as God’s word and the one true authority. Using this reference to decipher what humanity is, brings us to the conclusion that God created us in his image, in good relationship with him, and with free will. Our purpose was to work, worship, serve, and obey God (DiVincenzo 2014). In the beginning, God had a close personal relationship with his creation, Adam and Eve,
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