I Describe A Philosophy That Works For Me

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Teaching” ranks amongst the nation’s top five prestigious professions where one is involved in shaping the future of a country. Volumes of articles, books, papers, and anthologies have been written; websites developed; and conferences held about teaching techniques and methodologies, learning strategies, and last but not least, teaching philosophies. With this background I would be naïve to think that I could come up with an original, concise, beautifully eloquent, and perfectly structured teaching philosophy. Hence, I describe a philosophy that works for me. Alice Omaggio Hadley writes in 1993 that the continuing struggle to understand, clarify, and articulate one’s beliefs and practices is at the very heart of being a teacher and a researcher. My first academic teaching experience began in my tenth grade on a teacher’s day when my teachers selected a few senior students from the senior-most class to tutor fellow students and juniors on a one-on-one basis so that the regular teachers could get a well earned day off rest on that auspicious day. From that humble beginning many, many years ago to an active teacher today has been a Long Odyssey. Certain qualities that I distinctly possess like my extrovert nature and zeal towards helping my classmates and other tutoring activities through my academic career has slowly developed the “teacher” in me. I firmly believe that the best way to learn is to teach and one continues to learn all through one’s life. In addition to faculty
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