I Designed My Lesson Plan

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a.) I designed my lesson plan to be used in first and second grade. This lesson plan was designed to be a cross curriculum lesson about spiders that incorporates the following subject areas: Science, Language Arts, and Visual/Performance Arts. This lesson will be taught during the month of October after students have gained prior knowledge through an insect unit that was taught the month before.

(b.) The content object that I used in this lesson was for students to be able to identify important information about spiders. I think that providing students with background knowledge prior (teaching a month long unit on insects) would assist students when it comes time to do a unit on spiders. I think that the most challenging aspect for this lesson would be the vocabulary words. The vocabulary list that I have complied varies in difficulty and I believe that some of the words would be more challenging to some of the students. I would ensure that these words were taught previously in the insect unit in order for students to become familiar with these words. I would also have prior knowledge of my student’s abilities and provide individualized word lists that match the student’s ability. In addition, I would stock the student library with a variety of books about spiders that contain the vocabulary words, and utilize various center activities to reinforce the lesson objectives for this unit. The content object that I created is both measureable and observable and the…
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