I Did Not Expect Too Much From Carr 's Essay

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Initially, I did not expect too much from Carr’s essay. The title appeared to give away most of what he would say. In some ways, that was correct, while in others it was not. After having read it in full, Carr 's essay gives me an impression of someone who is both sad about and sort of resigned to the changes and progressions occurring in technology. He sees it as something negative, but he admits in places that these progressions have certain benefits as well. That is not the point of the essay, though. He slights the advantages he addresses with the warning that “that boon comes at a price.” Following up, Carr talks about his changing reading habits. He insists that as a child he read often and went on to blame the internet for…show more content…
The essay itself, however, begins and ends with references to a scene toward the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey in which Dave goes about “calmly, coldly disconnecting” the computer HAL’s memory controls, effectively resetting the machine. He depicts this scene as a hard and emotionless human more or less murdering a pleading and terrified machine. Carr sees this as a warning to the viewers of losing parts of themselves that make them inherently human to machines. However, Carr neglects a part of today’s internet use that has had a great impact: the ease with which people can now share their experiences, thoughts, and creations. For example, many think of art as something inherently human, and it is now far easier than ever for people to share their creative pursuits and find new inspiration. When people use drawing tablets and sound software and photo editors, these things progress more. The plethora of social media accounts dedicated to creative pursuits influences the way many use computers. Another use to consider would be social media such as Instagram and Facebook. It has millions of users, many of whom share their daily experiences. Human thoughts, experiences, and creations are archived in massive amounts on the internet, and this type of use helps develop its progression in a significant way. While today’s technology is less advanced than that shown in 2001, I think it is worth noting the ways the internet helps people become more
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