I Did Not Experiment With Drinking, Smoking, And Drugs During My Adolescent Years

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I did not experiment with drinking, smoking, or drugs during my adolescent years. It was when I first attended college and felt I was now truly on my own that I wanted to satisfy my curiosity and the desire to belong with my peers. I wanted to fit what I thought at the time was the “social norm”, as discussed on page 486. I realized it depended on what peer group I associated with as to what was the “acceptable norm”. This was a much more socially acceptable life style than the drug scene some of my friends in high school chose. However, I still had to make a decision of just how much I wanted to be a participant. Now that I am 21, I do drink occasionally but I do not smoke or do drugs. And I always try to be the responsible one, I always make sure my friends are okay and take care of them if they need it.
Growing up with authoritative parents has always made my relationship with both of my parents positive. Both of my parents have supported me financially and emotionally. Page 538 says, Families are “our most important individual support system.” They were always at the ballgames to watch even though I was just a cheerleader and they never missed a beauty pageant. However, during my teenage years, I yearned for independence and the bickering started. Our book states on page 437, Adolescence is often characterized as a period of waning adult influence and is when children distance themselves from the values of their elders. It seemed like my mother and I could never see eye…
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