I Didn 't Go Through An Amazing Life

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Many people have amazingly great stories about how they became the women or man they are today. I didn 't go through an amazing life changing experience one day and automatically change. My story is a long one, it was a process to become the women I am today. I am happy with the women I see in the mirror, not many people can say that. My mother gave birth to three beautiful girls, our father helped carve us young girls into beautiful and kind women. I was the middle child born 1997 September 27 and let me tell you, my birth wasn 't an easy one. I am lucky and blessed to be alive today. However, I never thought like that while I was growing up. I struggled as a child with bullies and satisfying other peoples needs before myself. I would come home crying to my mom about how mean people were, she always listened but never did anything. What could you really do either way to a group of eight year olds? My life ran like this for a few years afterwords of getting bullied into a corner while following other little girls and their decisions. I was what you could call weak willed. I didn 't know who I was, I’ve barley excsisted on this planet for a few years now and I wasn 't sure how everything worked yet. I was a shy, timid, yet happy child. Everybody made me happy, everything made me happy. I loved smiling and giggling. It was hard for me to make friend, so I sort of just followed the mean girls around and then found myself becoming apart of them in middle school. I went from
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