I Didn 't Have High Expectations For College Dropout

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“Essay by a soon to be College Dropout” I didn’t have high expectations for college. I looked at the reality of what my experience would be. I was now being forced to move out of a town where I knew every single crack in the road to a town where I didn’t even know where the grocery store was. On top of that, I went from a school of about five-hundred students to a university of roughly 20,000, so obviously new people were going to affect my week in a big way. All of this would have been somewhat manageable, except for the fact that I had to balance a full workload as well. Of course I was pumped for college to start, but I had a few extra road bumps in my transition to Reno. About three months ago I signed a one-year lease for an apartment. The cramped space and no privacy of the dorms never appealed to me. My mom and I made plans for moving up to Reno and they were all set, until the unimaginable happened. I heard a loud crash in the back yard and ran out to find my mom unconscious on the ground. She was taken to the hospital and expected to make a full recovery. My dad and I decided to drive all my belongings up to Reno, come home so I could see my mom wake up, then I would fly back up. Half way to Reno we got a call that my mom had unexpectedly gone brain dead. We headed home in complete silence and shock to give consent for organ donation and consent for them to end the life of the biggest influence in my life. This all was seemingly impossible to deal…

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