I Didn 't Have Much Friends?

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Even though I didn’t have much friends in kindergarten because of my bashfulness to make friends, I had a lot of fun with those friends at school. My friends were only Anna, Jason, and Michael and they were the only friends that I have because they were the only ones that started a conversation with me. I didn’t have much friends because I was too nervous and lacked the courage to introduce myself to others . I enjoyed hanging out with Anna, Jason, and Michael everyday at school. But one day when my mom came to pick me up from school, I noticed that my mom was talking to the principal and they were looking at me as they were talking. I was standing in a far distance, so I couldn’t really hear what they say. I was scared since I thought that I was in trouble. As they walk slowly towards me, I stood there quietly and held my fist(to ur side?).Because of how nervous I was, I held my first tighter every step they took towards me. I was really nervous so I held my fist tighter every step that they walk closer to me. As the tall and formally dressed principal got closerwalked towards me,I stared into her eyes hiding behind those round metal glasses she wore, my shoulders and fists loosened I stared at her eyes through her round metal glasses and my shoulders and fists were loosen. It wasn’t the usual angry eyes that she had when someone gotgets in trouble. When they finally stood right in front of me, mMy mom announced to me.
“Jason, you are transferring to a new school! Are you…

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