I Didn 't Have Much Friends?

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Even though I didn’t have much friends in kindergarten because of my bashfulness to make friends, I had a lot of fun with those friends at school. My friends were only Anna, Jason, and Michael and they were the only friends that I have because they were the only ones that started a conversation with me. I didn’t have much friends because I was too nervous and lacked the courage to introduce myself to others . I enjoyed hanging out with Anna, Jason, and Michael everyday at school. But one day when my mom came to pick me up from school, I noticed that my mom was talking to the principal and they were looking at me as they were talking. I was standing in a far distance, so I couldn’t really hear what they say. I was scared since I thought …show more content…
I really didn’t want to transfer because I would have to struggle with making friends again. On the last day of school, I waved and said goodbye to them as I was hiding my tears in my heart.
As the summer goes by, it was finally the first day of school. My dad drove me on the first day of school and he walked me inside my building to my classroom. The school was a lot bigger than the one I went to in kindergarten. We were supposed to look for our class on the papers taped on the wall in the yard, so my dad walked me there. When I saw the yard, I was really excited because the yard was twice as big as the one in my previous school, and there was a playground area with slide and monkey bars. I was already imagining running around the yard and hanging on to the monkey bars by myself. There were also one kickball field on one side, a mini kickball field diagonally across from the other one. and four squares painted on the ground in random places. I told my dad that I would be fine , so he left, and I went to lineup with the students that were going to be my classmates. I glimpsed around and noticed that I don’t know anyone in the class or in the yard. Our teacher came to the line and greeted all of us. She was a Chinese, middle aged woman with glasses. She lead us into our classroom and it was a really big classroom because it was a class with kindergarten and 1st grade combined. The first thing I

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