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11.11.15 – 18.11.15 At the beginning of this block, I did feel a bit overwhelmed, I didn’t realise how much work was involved in running a nursery. I was slightly intimidated sometimes by how well everyone else was able to interact with and understand the children. As a result, at some points I felt like I wasn’t engaging enough and I did feel a bit out of place. However, once I had a talk with Lynne I realised that it is completely natural to feel a bit overwhelmed at first. Together we were able to talk through my concerns about not feeling productive and she stressed the importance of observation, especially within the first few days within the nursery. From this I am now aware that it is important sometimes to take a step back and…show more content…
During this block I also realised just how much I enjoyed being around younger children. I haven’t had the pleasure of working near children of this age before and their positivity and liveliness is very uplifting making this first block very enjoyable for me. I now understand from this time on placement that my actions and feelings affect the children more than I would have previously thought. If I wasn’t feeling comfortable within a situation and a bit apprehensive about it, then the children would quickly pick up on these vibes and as a result would tend to detach from the task at hand, for example when I was reading them a story book. I was too embarrassed to put on voices and change my facial expressions. I can now understand why at times the children would lose concentration because ultimately I was boring them. I now recognise the benefits of having fun with what I am doing instead of fearing it because if I am enjoying it then the children will too. From this block I did realise I went into my placement with preconceived ideas of what a nursery would be like and these ideas weren’t actually correct. I believed it would just be children play, however from actually being in a nursery I recognise just how much children are learning by being there. There is a good amount of critical learning taken place within the nursery, not just playing. This learning is enjoyable and interactive which
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