I Didn 't How Much Work

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11.11.15 – 18.11.15

At the beginning of this block, I did feel a bit overwhelmed, I didn’t realise how much work was involved in running a nursery. I was slightly intimidated sometimes by how well everyone else was able to interact with and understand the children. As a result, at some points I felt like I wasn’t engaging enough and I did feel a bit out of place. However, once I had a talk with Lynne I realised that it is completely natural to feel a bit overwhelmed at first. Together we were able to talk through my concerns about not feeling productive and she stressed the importance of observation, especially within the first few days within the nursery. From this I am now aware that it is important sometimes to take a step back and look at the overall picture. Since this talk I have taken the advice on board and began to observe my fellow colleagues and the things they do within certain situations. I am now able to see the correct ways to communicate with the children so they can fully understand me and I have seen how to handle certain situations, should I ever find myself in them.
Although at first I was feeling a bit apprehensive and out of place by then end of this block I did begin to find my feet a bit. As I got to know the children better, I felt a bit more at ease. I feel like because I was more at ease and open towards the children that they then found it easier to communicate and work with me. I also started to develop a bond with Karen and realised that it was…

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