I Didn 't It What?

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"Guess what?" "Chicken butt," I said unenthusiastically. "Oh no, sweetie. It 's Xavier 's butt." Connor smirked. He jerked his head sideways, trying to get his luscious auburn bangs to move away from his deep brown eyes. I nearly stumbled over my non-existent shoelaces at the mention of his name. Unfortunately, I didn 't have enough time to ponder over Connor 's words. My eyes flickered towards the student body around me until it landed on one face that drove every single person insane. Especially me. He had been doing that to me since middle school. Every time he strolls past me, a fluttery feeling settles in my heart. Every time his warm blue eyes glisten in the tiny sun rays peeking through the cracks of the school windows, my chest heavies and breathing becomes an unnatural task. Every time his shoulder bumps into mine, the aftereffects of musky, sweet cologne intoxicate my mind. Every time the back of his hand accidently brushes mine when he picks up a pencil I dropped accidentally, I shudder. Every time he makes out with his demonic girlfriend, vile rises in my throat, making me want to throw up. It 's torture. Which was the reason why I hated Declan. I hated that I loved him. I hated that his one glance on me could lift up my mood instantly. For the last six years, ever since Mom and I moved to New Jersey, I have been madly in love with the most unreachable guy in our school. Declan Effing Hall. No, no, it wasn 't entirely my fault that like every other
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