I Didn 't Really Start Watching

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I didn’t really start watching “Baraka” with an open mind. I struggled to understand the intense music and all the scenes that included nature. The rituals and different religions featured, gave a sense of connectivity between people and nature. It also showed how even though all these religions and rituals are different, all these differing people are the same in the sense of having an order and authenticity that brings them together. On a less serious note, I found some of the chants very interesting. Some of them even had a wonderful beat to them. The face and body paint was also something I admired and made these people stand out from one another. It felt strange watching and admiring these diverse communities and realizing that we don’t know much about culture. I could only name a few religions and not one tribe was familiar to me. I thought how sometimes we only immerse ourselves in a culture around us or simply avoid it and follow the “trend of the day”. In fact, even though society turns their face on these people and their beliefs, I felt like an outsider who has lost herself to the ideas of our modern society. The film included a lot of scenes symbolizing the preservation of culture. Technology and the different labor atmospheres acted as a huge difference between the cities of the authentic people and the modern people. The beautiful colorful outfits, the interesting head-gear, and wonderful dancing also diminished as these people changed to join the modern
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