I Do Believe That If You Haven 't Learnt About Sadness, You Can Not Appreciate Happiness

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“I do believe that if you haven’t learnt about sadness, you cannot appreciate happiness.” -Nana Mouskouri. Nana Mouskouri came up with this quote during her singing career, when a fan asked her how she came to be such an amazing singer. Nana Mouskouri mentioned that she had a lot of rough patches along the way with managers dropping her, but in the end, she ended up on top. In other words, it will be easier to appreciate the good times if you’ve already been through bad times. This quote is appealing because it applies to a variety of situations. Every person has hard times, and every person has happy times, but this quote could bring the two together. Therefore, many people would agree with this quote. Many different people lived by this quote, and they ended up appreciating the good times more after they went through the bad ones.

One person that followed this quote is Nelson Mandela; He worked hard through legal troubles, relationship problems, and accusations for something he wanted for a long time. These long and tedious times, including the lengthy court trials, led to racial tension ease, which Mandela wanted for a long time (Academic American Encyclopedia). He went through the long trials until he got his wish of the racial tension ease. People should live by this quote because it demonstrates there are sad times in life, like Mandela’s court trials, but once people get through them, they can be more appreciative of what makes them happy. In Mandela’s case, what
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