I Do Not Agree With Gifted Students Being Left Behind

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I do not agree with gifted students being left behind. As an educator we sometimes just let the gifted students do their own thing because we feel that they have a good understanding of the content. In the classroom, a majority of the focus goes to the students who are struggling and those students get the majority of our attention. The gifted student needs to be a focal point of the classroom as well. Challenging them to reach new heights should be the educators focus but it does not always happen. The “No Child Left Behind” initiative is another component that hurts our gifted students. The administrators and teachers are so focused on this law that is put in place for our schools that their main focus is to make sure all students are kept on track with their appropriate grade level. This is a big reason in my opinion why gifted students are being left behind. School districts are putting so much focus those students and not doing enough for our gifted students. Tracking has been going on in schools for a long time. Bigger school districts are able to group students better by ability levels since they have more courses to offer in their curriculum. The smaller schools which I am accustomed to have a more difficult time. Smaller schools have to get creative and send their more gifted learners up to higher grade level in the elementary for a class like reading or math. In the junior high and high school classes, schools are able to move students into other
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