I Don 't Believe Youths Should Be Jail For Having Consensual Sex

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I don’t believe youths should be jail for having consensual sex .Example ,I know of an individual who had a daughter her age Sixteen years old was dating a seventeen year old boy ,the parents did not approved the relationship ,but these two seem in love ,as soon as the boy turned eighteen her mother had him arrested and charged for having sex with her daughter ,that ruined the young man life, because that stigma as a sex offender , would prevent him from having opportunities in his life ,such as decent jobs. In 2007, Florida created a law known as “Romeo and Juliet law, to address issues such as high school youth being labeled as sexual offenders or sexual predictors, as a result of participating in consensual sexual relationship. Reason being these stigma, can have long term consequences, which can affect the offenders, ability to attend his or her child’s school functions, and where the offender can live.(Florida Senate ,2011). Several states have also participated in the “Romeo and Juliet Law “this law intention is to protect young sexual offenders who are close in age to their victims and engage in consensual sex ,from registering as sexual offenders. However Florida, have done this using a motion or petition process for registration relief, some have provided age-gap provisions. Some states has legalize certain sexual condition between minors, and /or those close in age to avoid not only registration requirement but to avoid but the criminal charge previously

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