I Don 't Do Die Young

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I Don’t Want To Die Young In a world of cold blooded law enforcers who serve no justice when it comes to under age teens who get charge as an adult for a crime and put on death row, death row is a prison block or section for prisoners who will be sentence to stay in prison till death. Without parole or sometimes even trial, and just from reading Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson explaining how the courts and justice system is illicit. Mr. Stevenson talks about the circumstance that have led to the teens that have been slander throughout their lives. The teens reached out to him in letters throughout their time in prison. I can say from reading the book Stevenson Steps in as a father figure-role model to these teens helping them fight their cases from unlawful lawyers, and cops who are corrupt, who gives teens a hard sentence in prison. I agree with Stevenson that teens should not be charged as an adult giving teen’s life without parole. Under age teens getting charged as an adult is no way to server justice. Since officers are a part of the law they feel they have the power and authority and the upper hand to a teenager who barley knows there rights. In this case some people would say this is police brutality, getting a little bit of power and abuse your authority. In an article on (eji.org) it states that “Our system of capital punishment simply does not accurately and consistently determine which defendants most 'deserve ' to die." That statement holds the truth and
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